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Ultramaxx High Performance Alternators

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To see if we have an Ultramaxx High-Performance Alternator for your vehicle, start by telling us what kind of vehicle you have. Or view our entire list of Ultramaxx high-performance alternators.


Custom Wound Components

Hi-Performance Alternators

Ennis Products can wind almost any component for the automotive or electric motor aftermarket. The stators, generator armatures, field coils, and much more can be wound from a print or reverse engineered from a sample. Ennis Products uses only the highest quality materials. The insulating system used is class H rated at 200 degrees Celsius.

Alternators and StartersEnnis Products can manufacture a HI-PERFORMANCE ALTERNATOR for any application. We have listed a small sample of the alternators available by model and application below. Ennis Products can also ENGINEER an alternator to meet your performance needs!

Electric & Automotive Motor Manufacturing

Gear Manufacturing

Electric & Automotive Motor ManufacturingWe offer a full line of Electric and Automotive Motors and component parts for AC Electric Motors, DC Electric Motors and much more. Gear ManufacturingEnnis Products can manufacture almost any gear to meet a customer’s drawing or sample.

Machined Parts & Precise Machining

Aluminum Casting

Machined Parts & Precise MachiningEnnis Products can machine Steel, Aluminum, or Plastic to meet very precise dimensions. Aluminum CastingEnnis Products has the capability to Cast Aluminum using Gravity Feed Dies or High Pressure Dies. We can also machine the casting to a finished product.

Aluminum Extrusion

Sheet Metal Stamping & Fabrication

Aluminum ExtrusionEnnis Products can Extrude Aluminum, cut, and machine to print. Sheet Metal Stamping & FabricationEnnis Products can stamp sheet metal up to 10 mm thick, stack, weld, or sub assemble to print.

Grey Iron Casting

Plastic Injection

Grey Iron CastingEnnis Products can produce Grey Iron Castings and machine to print or sample. Plastic InjectionEnnis Products can produce plastic injected parts or mold plastic around metal to print or sample.